Explore our suite of IoT solutions designed to elevate both personal and professional experiences

Smart Buildings

Energy management, utility optimization, enhancing efficiency and sustainability

Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring and improving indoor environments for better health and productivity.

Smart Agriculture

From climate monitoring to greenhouse automation, IoT enhances farming efficiency.

Smart CCTV Security

Providing comprehensive surveillance and safety solutions to help our clients being secure

LTS began with a vision to redefine connectivity. Our passionate team believes in the boundless potential of loT. From our humble beginnings to becoming a dynamic force, our journey is marked by innovation and dedication. We're committed to a smarter, more connected world.


Everything we do has the commitment of a well trained and motivated


Focused on results we seek to raise the level of our customers.


Device management, data collection, processing, and visualization for your IoT solution.


A next-generation digital signage solution, born and raised on the Cloud.


urban mobility by connecting individuals with convenient and affordable parking options


GPS tracking system for businesses, and innovative telematics IoT platform.

success partners

Our customers' satisfaction and recognition inspire us to continuously improve and excel.

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